This project was one of my favourite tools for breaking my way out of tutorial hell 👹. I also wanted this project to serve me as a display of my JavaScript skills to potential employers or collaborators.

👉 You can take a look at the finished live project . 👈

By the time I decided to start working on this project I had just finished learning about Promises, async...await, APIs and error handling. I wanted to code a project to implement all of this knowledge, also include that project in my portfolio, and keep sharpening my design and coding skills…

Doing courses and tutorials is great, but sometimes is difficult to evaluate how much are we actually learning. Watching video after video and coding along with the instructor gives us very good guidance, but it is not a realistic scenario. In a real-world job, we will have to solve problems and start figuring things out by ourselves (with the help of Google, of course 😉). So, to test how much I was actually learning during the JavaScript course I was doing I decided to make a simple To-Do app in HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript.

👉 You can take a…

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I started my travels through the world of programming when I was a late teenager, and dial-up Internet was a very uncommon thing to find in homes of Argentina. I still remember the excitement of having bought a 10 meters long telephone cable to connect my PC with the telephone line socket in the next room wall. I had to use the Internet late at night when no one was using the telephone, so the connection won’t break. I still remember the spikes of excitement when the PC internal speaker tried to make sense of the electrons coming in and…

Catharsis for self-encouragement

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By: Damian Demasi

In 1998 I started designing very simple websites as a hobby, and this helped me to support myself (in part) during my university studies. But this activity never evolved from the hobby stage, and soon I started to invest less and less effort into it. Once I finished my university studies (in a far related field) I ditched web development for several years.

Fast forward to 2020, I decided to start a Web Developer boot camp course on Udemy with the end goal of updating my knowledge and go back to my design and…

This is a gathering of different ideas, concepts, advice, and experiences I have collected while researching about how I can effectively learn to code and minimise the waste of time while doing so.

Passive learning is reading, watching videos, listening, and all types of consuming information. Active learning is learning from experience, from practice, from facing difficult challenges and figuring a way to get around obstacles.

The passive to active learning ratio should be really small, meaning that the time allocated to programming should be focused on active learning instead of passive learning.

The actual amount of time for each…

Damian Demasi

Telecommunications engineer following his web development passion. You can learn more about me at

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