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I started my travels through the world of programming when I was a late teenager, and dial-up Internet was a very uncommon thing to find in homes of Argentina. I still remember the excitement of having bought a 10 meters long telephone cable to connect my PC with the telephone line socket in the next room wall. I had to use the Internet late at night when no one was using the telephone, so the connection won’t break. I still remember the spikes of excitement when the PC internal speaker tried to make sense of the electrons coming in and…

Catharsis for self-encouragement

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By: Damian Demasi

In 1998 I started designing very simple websites as a hobby, and this helped me to support myself (in part) during my university studies. But this activity never evolved from the hobby stage, and soon I started to invest less and less effort into it. Once I finished my university studies (in a far related field) I ditched web development for several years.

Fast forward to 2020, I decided to start a Web Developer boot camp course on Udemy with the end goal of updating my knowledge and go back to my design and…

Es esta libertad espiritual, que no se nos puede arrebatar, lo que hace que la vida tenga sentido y propósito.

– Viktor Frankl

El traqueteo de las ruedas sobre las vías hacía que su mente se embotara. La belleza de las montañas bañadas en la bruma de la mañana le aportaba un condimento extra a su somnolencia. Tantos días en viaje comenzaban a pasar factura y, como David se encontró fuera de su elemento desde el primer día, las deudas sobre su físico comenzaban a apilarse. A pesar de que su nuevo poncho de lana de vicuña le producía un…

Damian Demasi

I’m constantly learning new technologies and enjoying contributing to my teams in any way I can to improve them.

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